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Welcome to SCC Silesia Chamber of Commerce Ltd. web site. We consider presented here materials as a valuable sources of information for all people who are interested in the economical life of Silesia and international economic cooperation.

By now there was a lot of concern about The Chamber of Commerce which proves how needful such institution is. It fills the gap which existed before The Chamber appeared. The overriding statutory aims of The Chamber of Commerce are: associating Polish companies with foreign partners; representation of entrepreneurs before the administration organs of the government and of the autonomy administrations organs too; preventing interests of a company; organization of exhibitions; participating in fairs and missions (both: domestic and foreign ones); activities which enable the development of enterprise in modern organization’s forms; helping in solving economic, organization’s and a low problems connected to cooperation with foreign entrepreneurs; developing  
cooperation between various domains of science, such as: industry and trade; gathering and spreading materials respecting economy cooperation; creating rules of ethic, spreading attitude which enables gaining a rank of a trustworthy partner.


We are hoping that materials available on our web site will contribute to widen the perspectives of development of your company and will help starting the cooperation with domestic and foreign companies.

In the case of any doubts or questions about our activity or our services please contact with us and we will do our best to give you satisfactory answer in the shortest possible time.