Association for Promoting Lower Silesia

The Association is a regional alignment of city councilors and communal officials, businessmen and workers of each branch, culture and art creators, i.e. creative people who cares a lot about development of this region. The activity of the Association is effective in integration of Lower Silesia environment and in promoting Silesia in general not only in Poland but also abroad.


China Economic Development Exchange Association

It is our reliable partner of organizing every type of economic events taking place in China. It is co-organizer of Polish companies' departures to China.


Business China Portal


Main Polish tube of business information for all people and companies who are interested in Chinese market or are bound in some way with Chinese and Asiatic markets in general. These are: information, messages, exchange, cooperation, business, economy, B2B, tourism, shipping, etc.


Jerma International for Exhibitions, Conferences and Advertising


It is a private Libyan company headquartered in Tripoli. Jerma International is specialized in identifying the needs of foreign investors as well as the needs of Libyan business community in order to maximize their business and networking opportunities through the organization of exhibitions, fairs and conferences.


Tripoli Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture




Benghazi Chamber of Commerce, Trade and Industry




Federation of Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture



China Economy Development Exchange Association (CEDEA)


Genertec International Advertising & Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Genertec is a Chinese exhibition platform, which specilizes in organizing huge international exhibitions and fairs with the support of Chinese Government.


PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry                        

New Delhi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  


All India Association of Industries (AIAI)
AIAI is a enterprise established in 1956 by Hindu businessmen. It's main purpose is to contribute to permanent development of India economy.


Kyiv Polytechnic Institute
Kyiv Polytechnic Institute has several hundred' tradition. It came into existence the same year as our Warsaw University. With it's history are bounded such famous people as: Zukowski, Mendelejew and Sikorski. Nowadays Kyiv Polytechnic is cooperating with: 101 Universities and Academies from 38 countries; international organizations (e.g. EU. UNESCO, NATO) and with companies, such as: Motorola, Siemens, Samsung, Intel and so on.


Izmir Fair Services Culture and Art. Affairs Trade Inc.
It is one of the oldest and largest organizers of fairs and exhibitions in Turkey.